Our Family’s Camping Sleep Gear

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Roof Top Tent

4 Person Roof Top Tent

We love our roof top tent and if you want to see Why We Chose A Roof Top Tent, you can check that out here.

Dog Ladder Ramp

This has been so nice to get our dog up into the tent. It just wraps around the ladder with a few bungies it comes with and then you elevate it onto something creating a ramp.

Sleeping Bags

Logan’s Yellow Sleeping Bag

This is the perfect, lightweight sleeping bag for those warmer temperatures

My Green Sleeping Quilt

My custom sleeping quilt has quickly become my favorite piece of camping gear. It’s warm, lightweight, and I bring it on all of my trips.

Kids Sleeping Bag with sleeves (Discount Code: HaileyOutside)

Amazon Link

Safe sleep sleeping bags are hard to find but Morrison designed the perfect bag. You can read my Baby and Toddler Sleeping Bag Review here.

Kids Red Sleeping Bag

Amazon Link

If you have an older toddler that likes to be cocooned in their sleeping bag, I’d recommend trying the Little Red. My 4 year old loves it. It’s warm and you can slip their sleeping pad inside the built in sleeve so they don’t roll off.


Preschooler’s Green Pillow

Amazon Link

This lightweight pillow is perfect for any backpacking or camping trip. It takes up virtually no room.

Logan’s Grey Pillow

This is one of my favorite camp pillows because it has a bit of cushion inside the inflatable pillow.

Toddler’s Pillow

Amazon Link

A camp pillow that feels like your pillow from home? Yes please.


Battery Power Station

It’s so nice to not have to worry about our sound machine dying in the middle of the night and not needing to turn on the car to charge our phones.

Adult Headlamp

Amazon Link

A really bright headlamp that is rechargeable. Multiple light settings.

Kids’ Headlamp

Amazon Link

This kids’ headlamp is designed for kids with some safety features, fun colors, and it’s not too bright so they won’t blind you.

Yoto Player (Discount Code: Hailey10)

Amazon Link

We love our Yoto Player for playing audiobooks. It helps our kids wind down at night.

Sound Machine

This lightweight sound machine keeps us all sleeping through the night. USB rechargeable.

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